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Frequently Asked Questions

Our wax melts are a para-soy blend, that is a paraffin and soy wax blend. Before automatically deciding you will not choose our product due to the great “paraffin vs soy” debate your can look up many articles about this topic, but  contrary to popular belief paraffin has been found by the FDA to be non toxic.

We put the max amount of fragrance into our wax, most of our fragrances are considered strong, but we also carry some lighter scents as well. The strength of the scent will also depend on many variables such as the size or location they are being warmed, your warmer, the amount you are trying to warm and even the temperature of the room. 

Our wax melts are not deodorizers, they will leave a wonderful scent while being warmed but will not kill any undesirable smells you are looking to cover up.

We suggest using a 2 in 1 wax warmer or a tea light warmer. Personally this is what we use to get the most out of our fragrance. You may find that others work better for you in your home or space. When warming use an approved tea light warmer or wax warmer stating it is approved for wax melts or wax tarts. Make sure not to overfill your wax warmer because it can either leak out of your warmer, or not heat up enough to release the fragrance. 

The length of time the fragrance will last will depend on your warmer and the length of time you use it. 

Wax melts start to loose their scent over many hours, after you can no longer smell the scent or it is no longer as strong as you want then it is time to replace the wax. Their are many ways to remove wax from a warmer depending on your warmer, follow the instructions per your warmer. 

DO NOT add water, DO NOT consume, if consumed  seek medical attention immediately, DO NOT pour hot wax on skin, if you come in contact with hot wax seek medical attention if needed. KEEP AWAY from children and pets, DO NOT leave unattended, DO NOT leave on or near flammable surfaces or objects.

In the event you are unsure if you should seek medical attention please call Poison Control at (800)222-1222

We make our sprays with most of the same scents as our wax melts to give you another option to scent you home or other space. Even tho we use the same fragrance for our wax melts as we do our room sprays they may vary slightly in scent due to the chemical make up.

Our room sprays are not deodorizers, they will leave a wonderful scent after spraying but will not kill any undesirable smells you are looking to cover up.

Our room sprays currently come in 2 oz glass amber spray bottles.

To use our room spray you will need to SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, SPRAY AWAY from eyes and face, DO NOT spray on skin, if you choose to spray on FABRICS, SPOT TEST a discrete area first to make sure it does not effect the fabric. Start with a couple of squirts per room and add as desired. Make sure you spray in a WELL VENTILATED room. DO NOT spray onto any flame or heat source.

We are always looking forward to working with other businesses and special events. If you are interested in our wholesale of bulk order discounts please fell free to contact us directly at .

We do not offer returns, exchanges or refunds on our open or used products due to the nature of our business. In the event a package is lost or stolen it is important you provide us with the correct address upon check out to file a claim. In the event the products are damaged upon arrival, your package is incomplete or incorrect, or you have any further questions please contact us at .

We recommend before committing to a large amount of our scents you try one of our 5 pack wax melts or our 20 scent wax melt boxes. They offer a variety of scents without the commitment .

Currently we accept PayPal through our website and in person. If you are concerned about purchasing because you do not have a PayPal account, do not worry, when checking out you will be directed to the PayPal website to make a payment and if you do not have an account you can still make payments with your debit or credit card through PayPal. If you choose you can also create an account easy through the PayPal app or online.

We currently choose to use PayPal to protect  both the customer and our business. 

Orders will be processed within 1 – 3 days of a received payment.  We ship through USPS and due to the high volume of packages they are currently receiving, the pandemic and holidays they may be running behind, so we can not guarantee and exact delivery date. After we ship we have no control on the length of time it will take to get to you, so we will provide you with a tracking number so you can locate your package and possible delivery times.